Student Photo ID Cards

Christian College Geelong is pursuing continuous improvement with our systems and I am pleased to inform you that the College will be issuing all students with new Photo ID cards.

The new card contains an RFID chip and will be distributed to students at no additional cost to families. The technology within the card will enable the College to provide improved safety measures on buses. Further, the card will allow students to more easily and efficiently access the printers at each of our campuses.

When travelling by bus, whether to and from school or on an excursion, all students will be required to ‘tap’ on and off. This data will provide the bus driver, attending staff member and administration staff with information as to who is travelling on a bus at any given time. This improved safety measure will assist the staff, especially when transporting large numbers of students to venues for special events.

Students from Years 3 to 12 will be able to release their printing from a photocopier quickly and easily. Each card has a $10 photocopy credit placed on it at the beginning of each semester. If students exceed this limit, they are able to reload additional credit by contacting the IT department at their campus.

Prep to Year 2 students will continue to have their printing generated by their class teachers.

It will be an expectation that students can access their ID card at all times whilst at school. If a card is lost or damaged, students will report to the student office for a replacement. A $10.00 replacement fee will be charged to the child’s fee account. This fee will include a replacement card, casino clip, lanyard and hard plastic cover.

The card states the students date of birth and can be used as proof of identity within the community. We see this student ID card adding to efficiencies in our daily routines, in addition to supporting the duty of care we provide for our students.

Nicholas Watson
Head of Bellarine Campus


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