Geelong After Dark - Year 9 Studio Art

Meet the Year 9 Guerrilla Art students who will be representing our school at the Geelong After Dark Exhibition this May!

We have been accepted as a participant for the Geelong After Dark again this year following the success our Year 9 Studio Art students had last year. This year the theme is 'Earth' and the Guerrilla Art team have risen to the challenge.

Meet the artists as they share what motivates them to make art:

"Hello my name is Lachie Williams. My favourite thing in art is technical drawing because I enjoy designing things. I am passionate about sports." Lachie Williams 9S.

"My name is Nikki Frecklington, I am fourteen years old and I live in Highton. As an artist, I like architecture/design and photography. "The earth without art is just eh". I believe this in a literal and a metaphorical sense. If we did not have some sort of uniqueness and difference in the world, it would be extremely bland and the same. The issues that are important to me is mental health and acceptance, I like hearing other peoples stories of their experience and sometimes even relating my own to theirs. Showing this through art is important to me." Nikki Frecklington 9S.

"My name is Patrick McNamara. The medium I like to work with is advertising, street art, and 3D art. I like to keep up with the times. Politics interest me; I like to keep up with social issues in the community. I tend to do art with a meaning and a message. “There's nothing more dangerous than someone who wants to make the world a better place.” -Banksy. Patrick McNamara 9E

"Hello, my name is Shannon D'Costa. My favourite thing about art is to sculpt with a message because. The message that I think is quite important, is racism." Shannon D'Costa 9S

Throughout history, artists have not only documented the culture they live in, they have also shaped their culture. I am looking forward to watching these budding young artists shape their culture.

Mrs Lori Ruplal
Middle School Art, Design and Media Teacher - Bellarine Campus.


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