Chess Coaching

We are looking forward to the opportunity to offer Chess Lessons throughout Term 1, with Phil from 'Checkmate' Chess Coaching. 

Each week different lessons are taught such as tactics, strategies, special moves, traps and openings that will help players improve their game. Students are then paired up in a fun tournament playoff where they can display their new skills and knowledge. All skill levels are catered for!

Chess has many educational benefits such as improving concentration, problem solving, pattern recognition, analytical skills, memory recall and self-esteem. Most importantly, it’s about having fun learning how to play the world’s most popular mind sport!

Free Trial

Phil from Checkmate Chess Coaching will offer a free trial on Friday, 9th February (Week 2) for interested students. Chess Lessons will commence on Friday, 16th February (Week 3) and run for six consecutive Fridays. Payment is due on Friday 16th. The lessons will run at lunchtimes in the Middle School Library.

For more information, please contact Phil Hooton on 0421 901 530 or


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