From the Chaplain

I wish to extend my greetings to both the new and existing parents and their families for this 2018 school year. My name is Rowan Thurman and I am the Chaplain at the Junior School Campus. At the start of a new school year there are many changes and new situations to adapt to – new teachers, new surroundings, new school, making new friends, and new schoolwork to name a few.

As a child I loved ‘Winnie The Pooh’ and this caption below beautifully captures Pooh’s encouragement to Piglet about being brave in amongst change. We all need to be encouragers! Change can be difficult and sometimes we need to take small steps, but with persistence we can achieve much more than we ever dreamed possible. We too have a Heavenly Father who is interested in our everyday experiences and we can confidently ask for His strength in amongst the changes that come along.

In this settling in time I would count it a privilege to be able offer assistance and support to your children and families should the need arise. As the year unfolds there may be needs encountered at school or at home that I may be able to listen to, encourage or refer on. I can also be an added link between the Home Room Teacher and your family. As well, I enjoy meeting with as many students as possible over the course of the year, chatting informally about their interests, friendships and experiences. It serves as an important ‘connecting point’ should other issues occur. The practical, emotional, social and spiritual needs of your child and family are of significant importance to us. I love relating to the students through assemblies, camps, excursions, Bush Prep, devotions and special programs such as 'Rainbows' and Social Groups. We also run a number of ‘one off’ programs throughout the year to assist both students and parents and these will be outlined through the Vine as they arise.

I look forward to meeting you at the upcoming Welcome Picnic, or out the front of the school in the afternoon. I can be contacted by email, phone, through the front office or a letter in your child's student organiser. Have a special year!

Rowan Thurman
Junior School Chaplain


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