MYTERN – Taking Emotional Responsibility Now

Emotional resilience is one of our priorities here at Christian College Junior School. Through the program MYTERN, the students learn that they are in control of their own ‘steering wheel’ and that they make a conscious decision about how they can deal with their emotions. 
Some of the language that we use in our classrooms include:
- Red/rough roads – these are when we are building our resilience when dealing with ‘tough’ situations.
- Green/smooth roads – this is when we are building our health.
- PETs – Personal Emotional Tools – these are tools that we can use to help us gain control of our emotions.
- In control/ out of control – are you in control of your own steering wheel?
  Some questions you can use at home with your child include:
- Are you/they on the Green Road or the Red Road?
- Are you in control or out of control?
- Who has control of your steering wheel?
- Can anyone else touch your steering wheel?
- Which road are you going to choose to go on? (both are OK)
- What PET/Tool can you use to get control?
- What was the TEP/trigger that put you on the Red Road?
- What PET/Tool can you use to move back to the Green Road?

Lisa Johnson

Junior School Mytern Coordinator


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