Junior School Foodbank

Mrs. Denise Turley came forward last year volunteering to co-ordinate a foodbank at Junior School. Since then organisational arrangements, in consultation with Mr. Rowan Thurman JS Chaplain, have been formulated to provide an ongoing, simple to use structure, that assists families whilst preserving confidentiality. Junior School Foodbank bookings can be requested by a particular family in need or by those who see a need eg. parents, staff etc.
The two points of contact when a need arises includes either,
Denise Turley 0418 312 820 deniseturley@hotmail.com or
Rowan Thurman: 52411565 r.thurman@ccg.vic.edu.au

Before offering assistance a check with the person / family involved would be made by the Chaplain as to whether they would be happy receiving support on this occasion.

The purpose of the Junior School Foodbank is twofold;
1. To be able to supply a meal/s to a family at a moment’s notice by having a limited bank of meals available from our school freezer to cater for these situations in our school community. Some parents may like to assist in helping to resupply the freezer for Term 1 by making some meals. (10-15 meals for the term would be all that’s required.) Please email if you can assist.
2. The other process is the use the website: https://www.takethemameal.com which would be co-ordinated by Mrs Denise Turley. This website has the ability to support a family over a longer timeframe whilst outlining any special dietary needs and requirements that maybe needed by a family, the type of meal being made, the duration of the supplying of meals, as well as setting up a calendar for the days when meals will be distributed.

The initial plan is to create a voluntary bank of email addresses / phone no.s for those parents willing to make a meal if called upon. (This is not compulsory)
If you would like to register your name could you please email myself, Mr. Rowan Thurman at r.thurman@ccg.vic.edu which indicates your willingness to be involved in the Junior School Foodbank as a volunteer provider of meals (when required). These names will be passed onto Mrs. Denise Turley who will coordinate matters from there.
The bank of email addresses / phone numbers would be held and confidentially used by the coordinator and the School Chaplain to be call upon to make meals (if required). Parents would have the ability to decline a request if they were too busy at that particular time and we would endeavor to find someone else that was available.
Email addresses / phone no.s would only to be used for food bank purposes. The confidentiality of the person requiring assistance would be maintained, if required.

Disposable containers for the meal/s and a sticker recording the type of meal, the date, the ingredients and who it was made by will be used to avoid having to retrieve containers at a later date. These containers can be picked up free of charge from the Chaplain’s office. There are labels to show correct food handling techniques as well.
Once our email list is created there will be a specific list of procedures to be followed including food handling requirements and information as to how to enter dates and types of meals on the https://www.takethemameal.com website.
I thank you all for the care and support shown across this Junior School community and appreciate the many and varied ways we show this to one another. I look forward to hearing from those able to assist.

Rowan Thurman

Junior School Chaplain




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