Greetings from the Christian College middle school Art Technology and Design team.

Wow what a great start to a new year. It has been a delight to welcome back all of our previous students and in particular, we extend a warm welcome all our new students into 2018 arts program. Feedback chatter from all on our team so far, has been fantastic.  Meeting our new classes has been delightful and we are all very excited for the year ahead.

I would in particular also like to welcome some new faces to our team. Mr. Danon O’Kelly, (a native Texan who has joined us directly from the U.S.) will be running a range of Technology/Design classes including Systems and Engineering, Cinematography, Design IT and Media. Danon is a highly experienced teacher in these specific areas and we wish him a very smooth transition into our school community. Also joining our team is Ms. Felicity van Kan, who will also be bringing her knowledge and talents into our Media and VCD program. Last but by no means the least, is the fabulous Mrs. Karen Friday, who most will know as our Japanese LOTE teacher. She will be adding another string to her bow this year and will be joining the Food Technology department….I can see a Japanese dumpling on the horizon.

I would also like to say a fond farewell from the ATD Department and good luck, as Mr. Anthony Timpano moves into a new and exciting phase of his career as one of the year 5 Homeroom teachers.

As a new year begins, we look forward to the many artistic accomplishments that our students will create. Our objective, as always is to stimulate, engage and encourage all of our students through the process of investigation, problem solving, creativity and individuality.

Let us have an awesome year.

Molly Drayton


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