Year 2 Happenings

Valentine's Day

Next Wednesday, 14th February is Valentine’s Day. All Year 2 Teachers are planning to pop a little ‘Valentine’s Day’ chocolate treat and note in each child’s diary to enjoy at home. The chocolate will be the Aldi brand ‘Dairy Fine’.  Please advise your child’s classroom teacher if your child has any allergy concerns regarding this ‘treat’. If so, you are welcome to provide an alternative or advise us if you don’t wish your child to participate.

Shrove Tuesday

Next Tuesday, 13th February is Shrove Tuesday. In our morning class Devotions we will be discussing this significant day in the lead up to Easter. Following this, students in Year 2 classes will be making pancakes, adding a variety of toppings and of course eating them! The pancakes will be a shaker mix variety and the following choice of toppings will be provided: 

butter, lemon juice, sugar, jam and maple syrup. 

If your child has an allergy to pancake ingredients or any of the named toppings, please provide a suitable alternative. Also, please let your child’s teacher know if you do not wish your child to participate in this activity. 

Kind regards, 

Reshae Armstrong, Paul Chambers, Anna Daley and Louise Ward 

Year 2 Teachers  



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