Creative Talents Alive and Growing in Year 2

Design Thinking, creativity, and adaptive critical tinkerers have been in abundance in our year 2 students this week. Mr. Jorge Viegas, our Systems Engineering and Science teacher began working with our year 2 students on Robotics. Where students will be developing their coding and engineering skills as they build and program an autonomous LEGO robot to function like a mini creature…. But their creativity does not stop there, students will design and create a character for their robot. Expanding on their skills in the Visual art room Mrs Anne Young already has the students refining their drawing and mark making skills, while developing their shapes and contours for their robotic character. I am very much looking forward to seeing the mini beasts come to life as students sculpt and build their 3D character and let it perform on the autonomous robot that they have engineered and coded.  

Antony Benson
Director of Teaching and Learning - Art, Technology, Design
Senior School - Waurn Ponds


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