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Hi everyone,

As promised this week I caught up with your College Captains for 2018, Jude Cudmore and Caelli Wood.

So let me introduce you to ...…

Caelli begun her journey at Christian College in Year 7. This year Caelli has selected to study English, Biology, Chemistry, Japanese and Health. Caelli’s dream career is to study medicine so that she can do aid work overseas. In her spare time she loves to play soccer, hang out with friends and family as much as she can, as well as catch up on her favourite TV show the OC

Jude’s choice in subjects is quite different, as this year he will be undertaking History Revolutions, Legal Studies, Global Politics, Further Maths and Literature. Along with many others in our Year 12 cohort, Jude isn’t sure what he wants to pursue in the future, however he fondly recalls having very interchangeable dreams in Primary School. There he switched from being an astronaut and firefighter to policeman very quickly, depending on the trend and mood of the day. Jude describes himself as a ‘pretty relaxed bloke’ outside of school, enjoying catching up with his mates to swim and play golf, while he chooses to play both basketball and tennis competitively. He also enjoys watching The Office in his down time.

Following the talk of school and careers, both Jude and Caelli had a little fun answering the following questions…

What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you at school?

Caelli: “For me there is not really a moment but more a common occurrence; my struggle is that every time I have a substitute or new teacher there are some really creative names coming off the roll instead of the correct pronunciation of names like mine. Sometimes I am super impressed that people are able to introduce new letters into their pronunciation that don’t actually exist in the word!”  (For anyone at home wondering, it is phonetically pronounced kay-lee)

Jude: “Two instances spring to mind that were super embarrassing at school. The first was when I moved to CCG in Year 6 from Texas because I honestly felt like a bit of an animal in a zoo. I was super awkward but everyone wanted to come and meet the American because it was so new and weird! Another was in the first couple of weeks of Year 10 when students from both campuses were starting to bond. I begun to play basketball at lunchtime with new kids I didn’t know and all was going well until I yelled for the ball and a massive voice break happened! Super embarrassing in front of potential new friends and I promise it hasn’t been forgotten since.”

If you were stuck on a deserted island and could only take one Senior School teacher with you, who would you choose?

Jude: “I have trouble deciding with this question! I think I would bring Mr Fanning because I feel like he can always make me laugh, but more seriously in a life and death situation would keep things in perspective, BUT I am torn because my homeroom teacher Mr Gross is also awesome and as a bonus definitely knows what he is doing with survival as he is an Outdoor Ed teacher!”

Caelli: “I would definitely choose Mrs Pryke, I feel like she would be so calm and soothing and I would feel comfortable with her in any situation, it would be fun!”

Caelli and Jude both come to the position with excellent credentials, as they both teamed up successfully as the Middle School Captains in 2015! Our student body is in the care of well practiced and confident leaders. Congratulations to both of you on your appointment and we look forward to hearing more from you soon!

Until the next issue, I wish you all a blessed week.


Megan Heathcote

College Prefect



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