Year 5 Chilli Challenge Day

On Wednesday, the Year 5s had their annual Chilli Challenge Day. The aims of this day were to further familiarise the students with the school grounds, encourage the students to get to know their peers and experience interactive activities that challenged their thought processes.

Exciting activities throughout the day included a presentation from one of our Chaplains, Mr. Tim Blackhall (Chappy) and challenging the students with setting up tents without talking.  There was also a map reading activity led by the Executive Director of Teaching and Learning, Mr. Rick Geall. Other major highlights of the day included a science session, some sport, a ‘wearable art’ activity and an awesome Indonesian challenge.

Throughout each activity, the students were provided with extra ‘chilli challenges’ to expand their thinking and to give them opportunities to step outside of their comfort zones. The day encouraged students to change their mindsets from, ‘I’m not good at this’ to ‘how can I improve?’ They had to move from ‘this is too hard’ to ‘this may take some time and perseverance.’  Challenges with the same growth mindset goal will be continued in the classroom, and teachers can refer back to events from the day as examples.

It was lovely to conclude with a sausage sizzle with the Year 5 parents and families when we could share our thoughts on the day - the students even had their parents complete a challenging game. Opportunities to form relationships and developing a strong sense of community are important and we were pleased to assist the parents’ transition to the Middle School.

We look forward to continuing to reflect on the day and building those growth mindsets and learning muscles!

Parents of the Year 5 students are invited to attend our final ‘Parent Cuppa Morning’ this Monday the 12th of February from 8:30 a.m. - 9:10 a.m. in the SAC on the mezzanine floor. Students are reminded to wear Sport Uniform on this day and to bring their bags straight to the SAC rather than their homerooms.


Mrs Justine Brame

Year 5 Coordinator


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