*Please note, this information is a duplication of Parent Paperwork delivered to parent emails, Wednesday February 14th.

Rainbows’ has been a regular part of the pastoral care being offered to your children over many years. The program is structured and there is small group discussion to assist in situations such as; the death of a loved one, grief, family separation / divorce, relocation, loss of job, changed family circumstances etc.

Myself, as the Junior School Chaplain, helps groups of children, with similar experiences, in their grief or loss process. Facilitators are trained supporters to re-affirm the children’s self-image, which has been shaken by the changes in their lives. I try to encourage each child, with peer support, to see hope beyond the doubts - just as a cloud rolls aside and a rainbow appears. Our enthusiasm for this program is shared by the Head of Campus and Staff at Christian College. 

Participation is entirely on a voluntary basis; the children must feel that they want to and are ready to join the group. To this end, we depend on your guidance as parents.These groups will be held over 30 weeks of the year, starting in early March. Each session is one lesson per week and I try to avoid core subject times as much as possible.

Everything that occurs during these sessions is confidential and the participants are ‘contracted’ to this fact at the first session. After each session, the children are only permitted to talk about what they personally have contributed - not what anyone else has contributed. We try to encourage the children to express how they feel about these events in their lives. The participating students often say that knowing others have similar experiences helps them to come to terms with the changing circumstances they find themselves in.

We encourage families to talk together about this program. The program is offered to all students at Junior School, but the decision and need rests with the family. If situations change within families during the year, new students can be added to the different groups at any time.  Each child participating receives a booklet designed for Middle Primary or Junior Primary aged children. Commencement dates and weekly times will be notified in late February. If you require further information, please don’t hesitate to phone or arrange a visit. If, as a family, the needs are more complex than this program may be able to offer, I am able to refer onto other support services that are available in our community.


Mr Rowan Thurman

Junior School Belmont, Chaplain



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