Scene one… Take one….“ACTION!”


One of our new subjects this year, “Cinematography” has begun with a ‘wrap’ as our year 9 students have been refining their editing skills in short film production… cutting and splicing film footage, editing sound and Foley effects and overlaying text to build up their technical skills in Adobe Premier Pro.


With their refined digital editing skills our students are about to produce a short film “Life Hack.”  Where the students short films will inform and instruct their audience on a particular topic.


In Media Arts, students learn to clarify, intensify and interpret human experience through representations in images, sounds and text. By creating media artworks they engage the senses, and imagination, and they learn to express and challenge constructs of the world.


Through creative and critical use of media language and technology, students develop aesthetic control that allows them to communicate with clarity, and impact through the media they create and consume.


With the facilitation of Mr Danon O’Kelly, one of our Media and IT teachers,  I am certainly looking forward to being entertained by the students work.


 ”……” and that’s a wrap”


Antony Benson
Director of Teaching and Learning - Art, Technology, Design


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