From the Chaplain

Now that the rush of the first few weeks is starting to subside I would like to invite students or parents to become involved in some of the pastoral care opportunities on offer here at Junior School, if they are of interest.

1. The first aspect to consider is the ‘Rainbows’ Program for any of your children who may have been affected by changed family circumstances, such as the death of a loved one, grief/loss, family separation /divorce, relocation, loss of job etc. It is purely voluntary and will be held in small, year level groups, either weekly or fortnightly, depending on the numbers of students involved. It will be held at times that minimally affect the students’ learning. This week you will have received a Parent Paperwork email about the Rainbows program. The Rainbows program will commence in early March.

2. The second form of involvement could be with our Junior School Parent Prayer Group that prays each week for our College as a whole, the Junior Campus, our Leadership and staff, as well as specific needs across the Junior School community, including families and individuals. Often prayers are general in nature and confidentiality is a prerequisite to being involved.

This year the group will meet fortnightly on Thursdays commencing 1st  March at 9am - 9.45 am.  Interested parents will meet at the Chaplain’s Office when it suits their availability. Requests for confidential prayer can be made directly to me either in person, by phone or by email, or can be left in an envelope, addressed to the Prayer Group, at the reception desk. Please come to pray with us, for our school, or allow us to support you if we can. You would be most welcome. As a chaplain it is very empowering to know that there is a group of parents and staff praying into situations that confront us, both as a community and in our families.

3. The third means of assisting at Junior School is with the Junior School Foodbank. I am seeking interested volunteers to form a network that is able to assist when needs arise in our community, such as when a family or individual may need support with a meal or series of meals. You will have the right to decline if you have other commitments, but if you are willing to be on a Foodbank list then please notify me by email at The creation of a reserve of meals to go in our Junior School Foodbank freezer will also be an initial step.

The generosity displayed by families and individuals never ceases to amaze me. The different opportunities shown to bless one another is a beautiful outworking of the love that Jesus displayed to us. Thank you.

Rowan Thurman

Junior School Chaplain


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