Parent Paperwork Is Here!

The Junior School is embracing the move to using Parent Paperwork, an online system delivering information and event notices to parents.

How does it work? Parents will receive an email with a ‘link’ to the information required to be perused prior to ‘accepting’ the conditions of participation. There is also an option to update medical details and contact information; this information is then readily accessible to staff in the event of accident or illness.

What you will see.....On the electronic permission form you will find all of the regular information about the event, excursion or camp as you would on a paper form. This may appear in the body of the slip or as an attachment. Please read this information carefully, ‘accept’  (or 'decline' in some circumstances) the conditions of participation and ensure all student medical information has been updated. You will receive a confirmation email from Parent Paperwork that your response has been received, inclusive of a link to the original information form should you wish to review it at any time. 

Thank you for your co-operation with the roll-out of Parent Paperwork and we trust it will minimise your time spent completing paper based forms throughout the year.


Carla Dunlop

Deputy Head of Campus


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