Food Technology - Things are heating up in the Kitchen....

The business of food is gearing up ready to launch its first Pop-Up café next week. 

As a new year 9 subject, this year students have been delving into some entrepreneurial skills, looking at how to set up a business, identifying target markets, number crunching and refining recipes as they prepare a business plan for their Pop-Up café.

There was an added ‘steam’ of excitement as the class were introduced to the new coffee machine that was installed at our Bellarine campus today.  Another authentic learning opportunity for our students as they learn the skills of being a barista and increase the available product line available to their customers…

With the final plans coming together today the students are excited to launch their business next week, with a variety of culinary delights on offer.

Some young entrepreneurs and Barista’s in the making!!

Sally Gray
Food Technology Teacher


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