A Parent Perspective - Thinking and Learning through the Middle Years Evening - including follow up readings

If you missed the Partnering with Parents Evening, you missed hearing the heartbeat of Middle School and why the educators we entrust our kids to each week are excited about 21st century education, some of the challenges they face, some of their goals for our kids, and about the community they seek to foster within Middle School. You also missed seeing Mr Kehler shooting some hoops!

It is clear that the aim of Christian College is to strengthen and shape students' character—who they are—as much as to increase their knowledge and capacity to learn.

It was lovely to observe students excited to introduce parents to their teachers—and to observe staff who were accessible and who were enthusiastically engaged with families.

With the Winter Olympics underway, commentators and athletes alike are searching for "the perfect run" or "the perfect score". Will this educational journey through Middle School be perfect? Of course not. After all, our parenting isn't. However, with quality tools and materials and with collaboration and community and care for our 21st century learners, we are confident that our kids can experience an education that will equip them to navigate the challenges and opportunities awaiting them.



Middle School parent.


As promised on the evening - please find below links to follow up readings and resources on the following topics:

Restorative Practice

Christian College Wellbeing Management Framework

What Kind of Teaching for What Kind of Learning

Visible Thinking


Kindest regards,

Mr Tony Costa
Head of Campus






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