Learning Through Play!

Godly Play

During our Devotions and Christian Ed studies our prep children have been learning about the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. To assist their learning of this Bible story the children have created a Garden of Eden in the classroom. Together they have been reenacting the story using many different animals in a beautiful garden setting. This time of play has given the children the opportunity to use their oral language skills and develop their ability to retell a story; this in turn assists their comprehension skills.

Dramatic Play

With the arrival of Turbo the Turtle into our classroom this week, a visit from Lewie the Lizard and the many animals in the Garden of Eden ‘Animals everywhere’ has become a bit of a theme in our prep classroom. so much so we have set up a Vet Clinic in the dramatic play area. This dramatic play area has helped the children learn how to care for and help sick animals. Through collaboration, the children have shared the opportunity to be either the Vet, Vet Nurse, Receptionist or the owner of a sick animal.  Dramatic play gives the children the opportunity to use their imaginations while developing their social and oral language skills.


Animal Sculptures

Studying the physical characteristics of different animals has given the children the opportunity to learn more about the similarities and differences animals have. After understanding the different characteristics the children used their fine motor skills to mould and manipulate play dough and create the animal they have been studying.


Debbie Riddle
Prep Teacher & Surf Coast Campus Coordinator



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