My Australian Identity - Year 3 Integrated Studies

Convict Life - Reflections from Year 3 students

We are convicts in the 1800’s. We are considered criminals after stealing a loaf of bread for our poor and hungry families. We have set sail from England after being forced to leave because the jails were too full. We have spent over a year on this old, dirty, smelly, boat that is full of diseases. 

In Integrated Studies we have been researching about what food the convicts ate. Some meals included stew, bread and the convicts were lucky to eat potato, turnip, cabbage and onion. We discovered that some convicts wore a cotton shirt and canvas pants and woollen jackets. We learned that after a convict escaped they would have their details printed in the newspapers. Some convicts were punished by wearing leg irons for months; they weighed up to 18kg! We are looking forward to acting out the life of a convict with our classmates, to see the difficult and harsh reality of life for convicts who came to Australia.

Isabella Saunders, Charlie Sambucco and Gus Daly
Yr. 3 Students


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