More Than Meets the Eye - Year 5 & 6 Visual Art

A quick look into the creative minds of Year 5 and 6 students engaged in Visual Art at Christian College Bellarine, demonstrates that there is much more for the eye to see when we open up the pages of their visual diaries.

Students have been exploring a multitude of creative options in preparation for their first artwork titled ‘Fish’.

Their diary is an important record of these investigations, including experiments using different materials and tools, information about other artists and their work and technical practices. This helps encourage students to think about what they have seen and to build upon their knowledge and imaginations so that they are better able to make informed choices whilst creating their designs.

Questioning and discussion techniques help students to focus on specific features, ideas and design concepts.

Students are looking forward with anticipation to using the contents of their visual diaries to create their works of art.

Anne Young
Art Teacher


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