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Hello everyone,

The campus has been buzzing with House Spirit recently as we prepare for the famous Synchro competition! For some of us, synchronised swimming at the Summer Olympics is not a favourite, but at Senior School it is a hotly contested event each year at the House Swimming Carnival. It is actually one of the biggest, most exciting and most competitive events of the year!  

Over the last couple of weeks, each of the houses has been busy recruiting their swimmers, choosing music and choreographing moves. For these performances to be made so spectacular, and of course in sync, it requires a big commitment to practice from all the students involved.

Here is an update from our House Prefects about their routines....

“Taylor has fought back hard after their first practice which saw only 8 keen synchronizers in the pool, to now having a full team! With the support of both the prefects and synchro members our routine is looking great!” – James Jirik, Taylor House Prefect

“Penman’s synchro is coming along really well and we are so proud of the effort everyone has already been putting in. We are super grateful for all the support of our fellow house members and are ready to make a splash at Swimming Sports.” – Holly Peacock, Penman House Prefect

“Flynn is off to a ‘flying’ start in synchro with great turnouts from our year 10's and 11's. We are all looking forward to a bit of impact from an iconic teacher on the day, which will hopefully lead us to a four-peat victory! Up the falcs.” – James Dat, Flynn House Prefect

“Burrows synchro practices have been popping off in the past week. We’re super proud of how many people have participated and we’re stoked that even some people who can’t ‘bear’ the water are hopping in! We can’t wait to show off our finished routine on the day and hope everyone enjoys.” –Andrew Ganly, Burrows House Prefect

It's not long until we see the teams battle it out in the pool, hope to see you all there- next Tuesday 27th February.  Go Taylor!

Until the next issue, I wish you all a blessed week,

P.S. Our 28 exchange students from Indonesia arrive in Australia on Saturday (24th) and are all very excited! Keep an eye out for them around the school and don’t be shy to say hi, they are all super keen to practise their English and meet everyone. Stay tuned for the next edition where I will introduce you to some of them!


Megan Heathcote

College Prefect


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