Year 9 Transformation Program

The inaugural Year 9 Transformation Program is in its final days and the 20 girls involved in this new initiative are busily preparing for an open house next week.

The students have been consistently engaged using the design thinking model and experiential learning to help them to understand who they are, their place in the world, and how they can make change. The video included here shows a snippet of this morning’s activities which included the painting of mural portraits that unpack the influence of social media, woodworking a timber tree which will act as a legacy of this group, the development of digital and hand written portfolios documenting provocation responses and the learning process, the creation of an original piece of composition, and event planning for next week.

It has been a wonderful experience to see the passion, excitement and commitment to learning that our young people have exhibited through the dailyness of the Transformation Program. These girls will soon head to the Back Creek Farm to continue their term of transformational learning and we look forward to welcoming a new group of boys on Wednesday.


Mr Tim Wright and Ms Michelle Sugrue

Year 9 Transformation Program Leaders


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