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Jesus Storybook Bibles

The distribution of personally named Jesus Storybook Bibles to our Year 2 classes and new students at last week’s assembly is always a special time for me on the school calendar. It makes the students feel valued and special. I can often tell it is a significant time for the students receiving their Bibles, as they often come up to me afterwards telling me about their Bible that they have taken home to show their family, or a special Bible story that they have read. It’s important to me because it is central to the fact that we are a Christian school and that God’s Word is an essential part of who we are. As 4R pointed out to us in their great presentation about the Bible at last week’s assembly, the Bible is like a compass that can steer us in the right direction and guide us throughout our lives.

Growing important life skills relating to faith is as important as growing academic, social and emotional life skills. All are important and contribute to the development of each person. It’s been good seeing the Year 2’s using their new Bibles in their classrooms and seeing the creative and colourful bookmarks that they have produced this week.

World Day of Prayer

Today, March 2nd is also World Day of Prayer 2018. The World Day of Prayer is a celebrated event each year for Christians all over the world, across all denominations. As a College, all campuses celebrate the day which highlights the value of prayer in our lives. It is also a great opportunity for students to learn about another country with its different circumstances and lifestyles. This year the country being highlighted is ‘Suriname’, which lies in the North-Eastern part of South America. This year’s theme is "All God’s Creation is Very Good”. Students also get to draw or write a prayer as well as thinking about the needs of others, near and far, the people close to us and how blessed we are to live in a country like Australia. They’re all great things for us all to be mindful of and to reflect on.

Rainbows Reminder

Thanks to those parents who have submitted forms for their child/ children to participate in Rainbows this year. The program will commence from 13th March and I just wanted to ensure before finalising the groups that those wishing for their children to participate have handed in the signed written consent form. The consent form was included in the Vine a few weeks ago but another copy could be picked up from the Office if needed. If these could be finalised by next Wednesday, 7th March that would be appreciated.

Have a lovely weekend with your family.

Rowan Thurman

Junior School Chaplain


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