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Year 4 Swimming Program invite to parents

On Friday 16th March, the Year 4 students will have their final swimming session. It has been pleasing to see the attitude and effort from all of our students by participating in all the swimming and sports activities.

The session will commence at 1.30pm with students participating in a freestyle and backstroke swim and some aquatic novelty events.

Parents are more than welcome to come and watch their child participate during this session, which will finish at about 3pm.

If you want to collect your child from this session, please send an email informing their class teacher so they can arrange their bag to go with them. Other students will be returning to Junior School on the bus for the end of the day.

Thank you for your weekly support by ensuring students have their bathers, cap, goggles and towel. We look forward to seeing you on the 16th March.

CCG Year 4 - 9 Geelong House Athletics & Sport Activity Day

On Friday, 23rd March, all Year 4 students will be participating in the Years 4 – 9 House Athletics & Sport Activity Day. This is an all day event and students are required to come to Middle School at the commencement of the day and be dismissed from there. Students don’t need their computers on this day.

Students are to meet their class teacher on the front oval and supervision will be provided from 8.30am. Please ensure your child is aware of their departure arrangements including catching buses.

Attached is a note containing the information about this day. It is great to hear students have been practising their track and field events after school and on weekends in the lead up to this event. There will be a parent paperwork email being sent in the near future to acknowledge you have received information and if you need to update any medical information. Permission has been given through the Sport Consent form sent at the start of the year.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate in contacting me.

Sports programs and activities

This year I want to promote some local sporting programs and activities for students. I have placed some information up on the Chapel window promoting a triathlon, netball and hockey clinics. If you have any programs and activities that you would like to promote to the Junior School community, please email me and I will put these up.

Sports Activity Afternoon

Next Thursday, 8th March, all students from Prep – Year 4 will be participating in a sports activity afternoon. All students need to be wearing their sports uniform (coloured tops, pictured below) as we will be launching the house points competition for this year.

Nick Rice

Junior School Phys Ed and Sports Coordinator


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