In past generations many people would associate the subject of Woodwork with producing a pencil box or a crafting a piece of furniture, there has been a significant shift in focus within our design and technology subjects.

Design subjects are embracing the idea of 21st Century learning. Students are challenged to understand the world they live in, and to suggest how it could be improved.

An example of this is our new, Year 5 design subject – DEVELOPING NEW FUTURES.

Students are continuing to develop practical skills in working with a variety of materials and technologies and producing small items.  However they are now linking this with knowledge and understanding of fair trade and developing countries in class.   At the College we aim for students to develop a broader understanding of product design and investigating economy, justice and manufacturing.

More than anything, if students can develop a greater understanding of our world and design or suggest an improvement that benefits others, then Product Design students can work toward changing the world, not just their own bedroom.

Our aim is to provide students a broad and practical experience of design, thinking how they may affect the lives of others such as:

  • Elderly Citizens
  • Disabled Athletes (or non-athletes)
  • Disadvantaged/Homeless (local or global)
  • Local Community


Imagine helping the student become the budding designer of products like:

  • ‘Embrace Baby Sleeping Bag’ (temperature control for premature babies in developing countries)
  • Soccket (a soccer ball with rechargeable lighting mechanisms for night time homework in developing countries).
  • WaterWheel (water transport and storage in developing countries)


Andrew Seiffert

Classroom Teacher


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