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Hello everyone,

Our friends from Indonesia who arrived only last week, have been buzzing around the Senior School campus with their enthusiasm, eagerness to learn English and their big smiles.

On Saturday they were greeted with one of Geelong’s hotter days which made the climate transition quite a bit easier for them all! They caught the bus from the airport to school, where they each met with their host families for the first time, starting their immersion in everyday Australian life!

Many then headed straight to Pako Festa and stocked up on the free Mie Goreng to get the students through the next two weeks. The rest of the weekend was spent with each family exploring our waterfront and coastline, Jirralinga, Great Ocean Chocolaterie and much more. The students have also been raving all week about the new food they have been trying- it seems like Fish and Chips is a favourite and a very new concept to them!

Monday’s welcome service was an awesome chance for the students to show off their individual personalities, confidence and their impressive English skills. It’s been a very exciting first week for our friends, with them even participating in the synchro chants and atmosphere of our Swimming Sports on Tuesday.

Over some pizza, Uno and jokes, I had the opportunity to catch up with a few of our hilarious exchange students to talk about their experience here so far….

What is your favourite thing about Australia so far?

Rachim: The weather, I love that the rain is cool here!

Luzia: This may sound a bit odd but the traffic. I love how the cars are so organised on the road, it’s very different to the motorbikes in Indonesia!

Angel: The houses are so pretty here

Ryon: The people are so friendly, the views are beautiful and the country is so peaceful- just to name a few!

Ratih: The Australian boys!


What is your favourite Australian Food?

Rachim: Chicken and rice made by my host mum, it is so yum but I do eat this in Indonesia as well….

Luzia: Fish and chips by the beach

Angel: Gabi’s special Nutella sandwiches

Ryon: Vietnamese rice paper rolls (even though they come from Vietnam, I love them so much)

Ratih: Subway!


What’s the funniest thing that has happened to you in Australia?

Rachim: Watching my friend Ratih do a dab at the welcome service!

Luzia: Trying to get used to the Australian toilets! Using toilet paper is new to me, we usually wash with a spray in Indonesia. Toilets here are so weird.

Angel: Learning how to balance the cold and hot water in the shower, because in Indonesia we are used to using a traditional mandi (bucket shower). In the first couple of days I was so hot in the shower because I didn’t understand about using the cold water AND the hot!

Ryon: I have had lots of funny moments staying together with Rachim on this exchange, but the funniest was when we locked him outside for a minute in the rain because he said he liked it! He liked it less after that.

Ratih: In Australia when you order sparkling mineral water that means it comes with bubbles but in Indonesia mineral water is just our name for bottled water, so the first time I ordered ‘mineral water’ in Geelong I was so surprised it was different and didn’t really like the bubbles.

Everyone is having an awesome time together, and in my chats with the students they are all so grateful for the warm welcome they have received from our entire school community, and love when people take a moment to say hi!

They also all love selfies and boomerangs, so if you haven’t yet introduced yourself I encourage you to get in a quick photo and say hey before they head home next Thursday 8th March.

Until the next issue, I wish you all a blessed week.



Megan Heathcote

College Prefect


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