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The New Work Mindset Report

There is an urgent need to shift mindsets in our approach to jobs, careers and work. New big data analysis provides us with insights into the patterns of skills young people now require to navigate complex and uncertain working lives.

To tackle the challenge of providing accurate information about where future jobs will exist and the skills that will be needed we have again turned to big data. ‘The New Work Mindset’ has analysed more than 2.7 million job advertisements to reveal 7 new job clusters in the Australian economy where the required skills are closely related and more portable than previously thought.

This report, prepared for the Foundation of Young Australians, can be found a:


Weekly Career News

Please find the Weekly Careers Newsletter attached for your information. Topics include:

  • Articles from 'The Footnotes’ website - Careers in Sport and Careers in Nutrition
  • Articles from the Careers with STEM website - analytical chemistry, sports psychology and the top 10 STEM employers voted by graduates
  • Careers in photography
  • Australia National University - Tuckwell Scholarship, online webinar
  • EY cadetship applications for Year 12 students - now open (business, commerce, IT etc.)
  • Careers in insurance
  • The challenge of Artificial Intelligence and how apprenticeships will help young people adjust to the new world of work
  • Interesting research articles about the future world of work
  • Two exciting Bachelor of Arts degrees - the Professional Arts degree at Swinburne University and the new Global Immersion Guarantee program at Monash University 
  • First year mentoring programs at three universities
  • Open Day at Collarts 
  • Victoria Indigenous Engineering Winter School - apply now
  • Upcoming events



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