Safety in the School Grounds

During this week staff and students were involved in routine evacuation and lockdown procedures at Junior School. This provides a timely opportunity to remind all members of our school community to follow processes and procedures that aim to keep our students safe. In seeking your assistance with this could we please ask you to ensure that you adhere to the following safety procedures:

  1. If you are collecting your student from school early or for an appointment please present to reception where your child will be waiting. Please do not go straight to the classroom.
  2. All volunteers, contractors, parents and authorised guardians MUST sign in and obtain a red visitors lanyard and pass before entering the main building . If you wish to deliver lunches, instruments etc. to your child you may do so after you have signed in and obtained a visitors pass from reception.
  3. Both double front doors near the Prep classrooms and learning support area will remain locked at all times during the day and will be opened at 3.25 for dismissal.
  4. If you have an early morning appointment with a staff member please enter reception and sign in. Reception is manned from 8am. Staff will meet you for the apt at reception.
  5. Students should not enter the building before the bell, and bags should be placed in student lines to be taken into class at 8.50am. If your child is at school before 8.30am it is an expectation that they will be in the care of our out of school hours care program ‘Camp Australia’ as there is no yard duty supervision until 8.30am.
  6. In the mornings students are asked not to enter through reception and rather make their way around the outside of the buildings to their lines at the rear of the grounds. This greatly supports reception staff who are often assisting parents in this area at this time of the morning.
  7. In the car parking area outside the Bowling lanes please ensure that parking is only within designated carparks. It has been noted that recently parents have been driving into this carpark and stopping in undesignated carparks to collect students.

It is a responsibility we all share to keep our children safe in and around our school grounds.

Ann-Marree Weigl

Head of Junior School


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