Karen Educational Conference


Thursday 1st March 2018

On Thursday evening the Senior Campus library was transformed into an interactive conference space, where members of our Karen community provided staff with authentic experiences of the Karen culture.

We emerged from the evening with eyes glistening with the reflections of the beautiful colours of their clothing and weaving, ears tingling from the stunning harmonies of the choir, and mouths still salivating with the rich flavours, textures and aromas of the dishes provided by members of the Karen community. One cannot deny that as an educational community, Christian College is truly blessed to have this exceptionally resilient, God loving and honouring group of learners in our midst. Whilst we are becoming increasingly multicultural in composition, we remain united under the mantra of our philosophical statement and purpose to truly Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God.

Mrs Roselyn Smith

Director of Teaching and Learning- Learning Support Services 


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