Visible Learning in Science - Literally!

Whilst studying “Sight and Light” where we blend interrelated Physics and Biology concepts, the Year 9 students had been waiting patiently until the supplier could provide us with our own batch of bulls' eyes. It was worth the wait. The students first removed the connective tissue (removed the gunk) then set about dissecting their given ocular with precision and intense concentration. Here are some of the comments:

“I was picturing the eye in my body – how it is only one body part and it does so much work in such a complex system! I loved learning about it.”

Serena El-Hage

“we were applying all we have learnt about how we see and how the different parts of our eye all contribute to allow us to see and it really put it all into perspective.”

Lucy Martin

Absolutely fascinating!  Such a small thing but so complex.

Ned Simpson

“urghh … (pause) .. oh wow, Look: it’s the lens!”

Dana Ford

That last comment encapsulates the moment when what is real becomes even more so.

Sophie Maye, Deb Singleton, Michael Neaves




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