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International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day was on Thursday 8th March and we held a breakfast in the Senior School Library.  It was a wonderful occasion in which a female panel consisting of four former students, told their stories and were asked questions. Their experiences and expertise varied and were a source of inspiration for all. The breakfast was exceptional and enjoyed by everyone present. We should congratulate Jemma Burr and Di Martin for their work and also that of the group of staff and students who organised and supported this great event.


Tech Free Day

Recently I was at a restaurant and saw a young couple enter and sit at a table near me. I thought that it was very nice to see a young couple out spending time with each other.

They ordered a drink and then I got on with my conversation at our table. I glanced over at them a bit later and they were both on their phones checking messages or the like. I went back to our conversation and again glanced over at them to find they were still on their phones, not talking to each other. This became a source of interest for me so I kept glancing every five minutes or so to see what they were up to and each time they were on their phones.

At the end of the evening they put their phones away, talked briefly and asked for the bill and departed.

Would they then go home and say “That was a wonderful night, we should do this again?”

On Friday 23rd March we are to have a Tech Free Day in which we aim to minimise our use of technology, as well as discuss if we have too much of it in our daily lives?

It will be a day in which staff on duty, will discuss with students their use of technology and if they are able to reflect on it being too frequent, while they wander around the grounds during Recess and Lunchtime. In House Group there will also be discussions and one such topic can be:  If we are too reliant on our phone? A survey of how often we check our phones? Research shows it is up to one hundred and fifty times per day!

Some good questions…………

Do we use technology too much?

Are we losing the “art of conversation?”

Is our younger generation losing the ability to communicate “face to face?”

Please have this discussion at home and we would like to hear of your thoughts on this matter.  Email me your thoughts to


Labour Day Holiday

Just a reminder that Monday 12th March is the Labour Day holiday.  I hope everyone enjoys this long weekend.


Best wishes,



Mr Graeme Dent

Head of Senior School - Waurn Ponds


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