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Children form their own personality during the early years of development and are blessed with “100 languages”, through which they can express themselves and their ideas. It is a privilege and challenge to provide our students with different avenues for thinking, revising, constructing, negotiating, developing and symbolically expressing their thoughts and feelings.

Our Preps have been exploring God’s creation during our morning devotions and Christian Education lessons. The provocation ‘Why did God create everything?’ and ‘How do you know?’ sparked robust class conversations as the children shared their thoughts, ideas, and developed and pondered further questions. The children were then asked to represent their thinking by creating artwork to complement their ideas and opinions. This was a challenging task for our littlest learners, as they were required to use higher order thinking skills of analyzing, evaluating, justifying and creating. All essential skills for 21st century learning!

Some student responses are listed below and their beautiful artwork and documented responses are displayed in the Prep corridor for you to enjoy.

“So this is God walking up the hill with a cross. He made all these cool things because he wouldn’t want earth to just be ‘all earth and no stuff.’ He would want stuff on the earth.” – Occy White

“All the things were plain at the start. Probably he was angry when he made the bad guys. But I think he made the mountains to see great views.” – Aleks Sexton

Claire Tucker
Prep Coordinator


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