Library and Digital Technology

Over the past six weeks, it has been a great pleasure to teach Library and Digital Technology to our first class of Prep at our Surf Coast Campus. 

In Digital Technology, we have begun our year by expanding our knowledge and understanding of a computer or digital system and how they make our modern lifestyle possible. Even though most children have experience operating electronic devices for fun, our current focus is to develop understandings of what a computer or digital system is, how they actually work and how they can be programable to do what we require. In our sessions, students have explored ideas about how we classify something as a computer, how we interact with digital systems in our everyday life and experimented with the idea of algorithms and how a computer knows how to do a task we instruct it to. It has been a real pleasure to see the students experiment, make connections, collaborate and approach all of these tasks with a real growth mindset. 

After seeing these students experience the world as digital natives, it is then equally exciting to achieve just as much learning and appreciation through more traditional learning experiences in our weekly Library sessions. It has been exciting to explore our beautiful collection of new books and reading and discussing literature together. Our Prep students have also been learning about the procedures and structures in our Library to ensure that we properly borrow and take care of our books when we take them home, and ideas and strategies that can in turn be relevant in many real world situations.

I can see that we are going to have a great year together and it is exciting to see our newest students already filled with a vibrant passion for learning.


Katherine Moore
Library & Digital Technology






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