Our First Excursion!

On Thursday morning the Prep students from the Surf Coast Campus had their very first excursion. There were happy faces and squeals of joy when the children boarded the bus and set off on their first big adventure.

At Junior School the Preps joined Mrs Richardson and Class 3G for a Physical Education lesson. They played many games such as ‘Rob the Nest’ and practised their running and catching skills. It was wonderful to see the children develop relationships with these Year 3 students.

Once they said their goodbyes, the children boarded the bus and headed up to the Middle School - Highton Sports & Aquatic Centre (SAC). While they were at the SAC, the children swam in the pool and played a variety of pool games.

Once we finished our swim and snack, our tired little feet made their way back to the bus for the trip back to school.


Debbie Riddle
Prep Teacher & Campus Coordinator


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