Fast Five Netball - Year 7 & 8 Sport

As part of Year 7/8 Sport on a Wednesday, a group of the Year 8 girls organised and ran a 'Fast Five' netball tournament. 'Fast Five Netball' is now an international competition that happens at the highest level of netball. Instead of the normal 7 players on the court for each team, there is only 5 players. Each team plays without the 'wing' positions. This means the game is very fast with all players working very hard to move the ball down the court. Goalers are also able to shoot for goal from outside the netball goaling circle, with the goals from outside the circle worth more points. Another special part of the this type of netball game is the 'Power Play', where a certain part of each quarter is worth double points. This brings in a high level of excitement.

The Year 8 girls worked hard to create a rule document to make sure everyone was aware of the different rules for this style of play. They also set up a fixture to allow all teams to play at least twice as well as a Grand Final. They needed to consider the time that was available to them as well as make sure each team had an equal time for play. The way the girls worked together to bring this tournament to life was fantastic. This was a great example of some of the experiences our students are gaining of real-life situations and opportunities to step up as leaders within their peer group.

Congratulations to the Red Team who won the Grand Final yesterday after a very close competition that has run over the last two weeks.

Claire Deretic


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