Year 8 Visual Communication and Design at Villa Paloma

This week the Year 8 Visual Communication and Design students began their classes at the Villa Paloma Campus.

This is an exciting opportunity for our students to work alongside other students from different creative backgrounds and year levels. The open learning space allows the creative minds of our students to flourish within different fields to plan, produce, and display amazing works of art through different disciplines, media, and materials.

Working in this exciting space will inspire, motivate, and challenge their design thinking skills. They have the ability to utilise a wider range of media and materials to boost their technical skills and challenge their creative skill set.

In Year 8 Visual Communication and Design, students continue to develop and practice the creative design process in three different design fields; Communication Design, Product Design, and Environmental Design. This term we have been concentrating on Communication Design through creating promotional posters for an event. Students are producing their designs using Adobe Photoshop, which is a necessary skill in many areas of design occupations.

The students have shown great enthusiasm toward having our classes at the Villa Paloma which brings great energy and vibrancy to the classroom which then translates into their work.

We hope to continue this positive energy throughout our time in this creative space for the remainder of the semester.

Felicity van Kan
Art Classroom Teacher


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