Year 6 Camp to Lady Northcote, YMCA

Beautiful, sunny weather greeted the Year 6 students as they attended their annual camp at Lady Northcote, YMCA Camp in Rowsley. It was an action packed 3 days of activities including giant swinging, canoeing and mountain bike riding. Students were often taken out of their comfort zones and developed greater resilience and perseverance whilst also making sure to listen to others and empathise with their situations; all Building Learning Power Muscles that can be improved to develop more effective learners. The entire camp environment, from extreme activities to packing their own belongings to helping out in the dining hall, all helps to develop a degree of greater independence for the students. An excellent time was had by all!

Below are some of the students’ reflections from camp.

“On the Giant Swing at camp, I went only halfway, which is nerve wracking by itself; but after motivation from the people around me, and lots of perseverance, I went to the top on my second go. Which I really enjoyed.” – Alex Baulch

On camp, I had to use my planning BLP muscle when we did geocaching. I had to plan the best route to get all the scattered items and make it back to home base in the time limit. – Lucas Gelicrisio

When my group did canoeing, we collaborated because we talked to each other and listened to each other’s ideas. I also think we persevered in my group’s canoe because we hit the edge of the island quite a lot of times but eventually we got the hang of it and were canoeing really well. – Ella Fearn

Mr Matthew Burgess, Mrs Theresa Drewer, Mr Ryan Healy and Miss Caitlin Hoiles


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