Year 3 Student Reflections - The Learning that Excites us.........

* This year I have liked Christian Education because when I am doing my book work I get to explore stories about Jesus and God. I enjoy Devotions at the start of the day because it make me feel happy and helps me to learn more about how I can be a better friend - Eva Mander.

* My favourite part of Year 3 is that we have sport with the Year 4 students on Friday afternoons. I like working in my House group during sport rotations. I most enjoyed doing relays with my team mates - Elijah Baran.

* I have enjoyed making new friends and learning new things during Maths. I am enjoying the exciting activities during maths rotations. For example making patterns out of blocks and shells and playing maths games - Abhi Sanjeev and Lulu Doughty.

* I have really enjoyed Integrated Studies, especailly when we researched a country. I like to research and find out new information that I don’t already know, this helps me to grow my understanding of the world - Josh Hughes-Gage.

* We have really enjoyed our learning during the My Australian Identity unit. We are discovering what life was like for the convicts and migrants after World War 2. We are beginning a project where we research immigration and reflect on what it means to be Australian - Reagan McKenzie and Saskia Visser Hodson.

* I really like the teachers and students in my class. I enjoyed creating my PET (Personal Emotional Tool) poster which helps bring me back onto a green road from a red road - Vasilia Tsiavas.

* I really like story writing. I am writing a story about a spy company called NSG, they fight crime and help people. I have finished my plan and am about to start writing my draft. I am looking forward to using the Lego to present my story to the class - Tino Ziwenga.

Sapphire Main & Sam Kennedy
Year 3 Teachers



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