Happi Coats


At the start of every Prep Japanese class at Surf Coast campus, all students enter the classroom and choose a Happi coat to wear during class. Students may also wear their Happi coats outside in the playground.


Although the teacher may call them “Ninja suits,” Happi coats are a type of simple kimono commonly worn at special community celebrations such as festivals.


In the case of Prep Japanese class, they serve multiple purposes.


One purpose is that wearing a Happi coat means students are now in Japanese class and things are done in Japanese way. Language learning at a young age is thought to be important for learning development, but so too is an early introduction to new customs and cultural practices that nurture a greater student understanding of the people who speak the language being studied.


A second purpose is that of teaching students to be responsible and self-sufficient. The students may wear there coat inside or outside as long as they take good care of it, are able to put it on by themselves, and hang it on a chair when they are not being worn.  


It is hoped that the lessons learnt in Prep Japanese class this year do not only contribute to our students becoming linguistically competent and culturally aware, but they also contribute to the holistic development of independent thinkers who can take good care of themselves and extend that care to others.

Adam Reidy

LOTE Teacher - Japanese


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