Year 9 Principles of Training Excursion

Year 9 Principles of Training Excursion – Victorian Bioscience Education Centre (BIOLAB) 

Last week, the Year 9 Principles of Training class attended the Victorian Bioscience Education Centre. The students participated in a session titled “The Human Machine,” where they measured the acute responses to physical activity. The students were divided into expert groups and each group measured a different response to exercise. The three areas assessed were heart rate, skin temperature and breathing rate.

“I enjoyed finding out what my skin temperature was and I found it interesting that it actually gets cooler when we start to exercise.” Cooper Geall.

“I found it valuable to see the different ways that sport scientists can test our body’s response to exercise. The Biolab was a great experience and very worthwhile to attend.” Noah Saffin.

 Renee Garing

Year Level Coordinator - Year 7


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