Year 5 - 'Why do people live where they do?

The Year 5 students have well and truly settled into the Middle School environment and are beginning to really thrive!

A focus for us this term has been asking the student to work collaboratively, with them identifying what this means and looks like to them.

Throughout Year 5 our students work in a range of groups, completing term long tasks and going out into the community to create change.  We believe this is essential to developing relationships and learning to work in all situations with a range of different people and personalities. It helps them understand themselves as a learner and develops their abilities to navigate challenging situations.

During Term 1, we have begun the first stages of an Atlas Task, which will culminate in an Expo at the end of Semester 1. This task asks students to create an imaginary continent which will become the basis of their Atlas.  Students were allocated groups who they work with for the remainder of their Atlas task time. They created a group name, mascot and group agreement as their first team bonding exercise, which is always a fun task to witness. Working together like this enables them to learn more about each other’s strengths and weaknesses and face challenges head on knowing there is no option to move groups. Although this causes some conflict at times, it is incredible watching how the group dynamic develops over a long period of time. 

Their current task is creating their continent, with individual countries and problem solving where geographical landmarks need to go whilst answering the question, “Why do people live where they do?”  This task has been noisy, challenging, engaging and rewarding as the student puzzle out the best possible solution for their group. We can’t wait for you to see the final product at the Year 5 Expo!


Mrs Lia Lowe

Year 5 Teacher 


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