Annual Arts Education Victoria Conference 2018


It was with great pleasure that Bellarine teacher Lori Ruplal and I were able to attend this year Arts Education of Victoria’s conference. This year the conference was situated in and around the magnificent surrounds of the National Gallery and adjoining arts precinct of Federation Square, ACCA and ACMI. Starting with a cosmopolitan breakfast at one of Melbourne’s pop up café spaces, the very fashionable Testing Grounds.

The art conference is an opportunity for all Art and Design specialist from across Victoria to connect, network, and participate in a wide variety of professional development workshops.  Keynote speakers are notably of very high caliber, including either international and or the Australia doyennes of the art world. This year was the amazing internationally renowned Australian artist Sally Smart.

Sally Smart - a VCA graduate, is most famous for her stunning, large-scale wall tableau installations made from felt, canvas, silk-screened and everyday fabrics that she fashions together with pushpins. Her work explores the world of relationship, identity and a heavy dose of personal iconography.

Masterclasses offered on these particular days of professional development are a chance for specialist teachers to learn about, share and build upon methodologies, ideas and approaches to better teaching and learning practices for our students. It is also a chance to work collaboratively together as art teachers and to share our professional experiences and revel in our passion for teaching art. These days are so important, as they inspire art teachers and rekindle the flame of what makes great teaching great.  

I’d like to thanks the AEV for always organising a fabulously run day and for Christian College for supporting and allowing us the time to attend such worthwhile events…..until next year…..

Molly Drayton
Art, Technology & Design Coordinator



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