Student ID Cards

Christian College Geelong is pursuing continuous improvements with our systems.

The introduction of the student ID card enables the College to provide improved safety measures on buses, in addition to allowing students to more easily and efficiently access photocopying whilst on campus.

All College buses have been fitted with the Bus Minder System, which gathers data relating to student use of Christian College buses. When travelling by bus, students are required to ‘tap’ on and off at a control located near the bus driver. We ask that all parents/guardians remind their child of this expectation.

It is an expectation that students can access their ID card at all times whilst at school. If a card is lost or damaged, students report to the IT technician for a replacement. A replacement fee of $5.00 is charged for the card at Senior School.

We see the student ID card adding to efficiencies in our daily routines, in addition to supporting the duty of care we provide for our students.



Jonathan Ryan
Operations Manager


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