PARTY Conference

Last week on Tuesday, I had the opportunity to attend the P.A.R.T.Y. Conference in East Geelong. The program is a trauma prevention and health promotion task, and included presentations by a wide range of people relevant to experiencing the firsthand involvement of the impact of traumatic injury. Throughout the day we experienced presentations by clinical staff that care for trauma patients, and rotated through activities that included tours of critical care areas of the hospital, presentations by trauma patients, hands-on rehabilitation activities and interaction with almost every hypothetical aspect of trauma.

I found the conference extremely valuable, as it was confronting and showed us every step of the journey of a traumatic experience, from prevention to rehabilitation and from actual trauma patients to friends and family of a trauma patient to hospital staff. We went into the conference not really knowing what to expect, and I think I can speak for everyone who attended the conference when I say that the conference was confronting, however it was very informative and definitely made us reconsider some of our actions. The conference showed us how easy it was to live life to its fullest potential while being mindful of risks and the cost they could have on us, and demonstrated to us how simple and easy it was to prevent major trauma. I found this conference invaluable, and would recommend it to absolutely everyone.


Clare Jarecki

Year 10



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