From the Head of Senior School

Music Trip

I am absent for the last week of term as I shall be accompanying the students and staff on the Music Trip to Hawaii.  Jason O’Loughlin and Di Martin, the Senior School Deputy’s will be available if needed in my absence. 

It will be a great opportunity for these talented musicians to perform on the International stage and to meet students from other parts of the world. Last Wednesday evening saw the final concert performance in the Middle School SAC and it was a brilliant evening. In front of a huge crowd, all performances were of the highest quality.


House Athletics

Our House Athletic Carnival took place on Thursday under brilliant sunshine at the Middle School Oval. It was a great day and all students enjoyed the opportunity to compete or cheer on their house.  It was colour galore and the students took the chance to show their house spirit by dressing to impress for their house.  There will be more information to follow on this wonderful event.


Tech Free Friday

Today we experienced Tech Free Friday in which staff asked our students questions about the use of technology for them as well as for society. This did not disrupt the teaching and learning but provided some very interesting discussions and points of view.

Are we too reliant on our phones?

Are we losing the art of conversation?

Are Emails overused and do we get CC'd into too much?

Can we learn without technology?

Is our society, through the use of technology, breeding ‘keyboard warriors’?

Do people write things to others that they would not say face to face?

These discussions and others took place in Housegroup as well as in classes. It was an opportunity to reflect on our use of technology and if our society is better for it.  There were many valuable discussions had. Please let me know your thoughts?


End of Term 1

On Thursday 29th March all students at Senior School will be involved in an Easter Service at Barrabool Hills Baptist Church.  This will take place during period 3 and 4.  They will be bussed there and back by CCG buses.  The end of Term 1 will be at 2.30 pm on this day.  

Just a reminder that students will return for Term 2 on Tuesday 17th April and will begin with a Commencement Assembly at the SAC at the Highton campus.  Students should go straight to the Highton Campus for an 8.50 am start.  They will then walk back to Senior School with teaching staff after this assembly.


Thank you….

I wish to thank all the students, families and staff for a tremendous Term 1. So much was achieved and it is now time for a well-deserved rest. I wish for a safe and happy time.



This time of year is a special one as we remember the sacrifice that Jesus made on our behalf so that we seek salvation. It is also important to acknowledge the days leading up to Good Friday when Jesus knew his mortal end was in sight. Even on the cross he forgave the murderous man next to him as he did others. I know that all families will respect the true meaning of Good Friday and how God sent his son to earth for a purpose.  Easter Sunday is another important day on our calendar when Jesus rose. Spend a moment to think deeply on this important time of the year and how we can learn so much from this event.




Mr Graeme Dent

Head of Senior School - Waurn Ponds


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