The 100 word stories in Year Four Japanese

The Year 4 students have finished their 100 word stories using the new Japanese vocabulary they have learnt. I wrote about this in an article for the Vine a few weeks ago and thought I would give you all an update and show you some examples of this work. The students needed to write a story incorporating a combination of 6 classroom instructions and 4 common words such as hai (yes). This is quite a complex task as the students had to incorporate them so the reader could decipher the meaning of these phrases using the context of the sentence and some hints. They were not allowed to explicitly state their meanings. There was a huge variety in the types of stories and some were a success and some were not. I have included two stories as I think they are excellent examples of students successfully meeting all the set criteria. It is worth noting that both of these students have only started Japanese in the past twelve months.

School 100 Word

One morning at school Olivia was busting so she asked the teacher  toire ni itte mo ii desu ka the teacher  was nodding hai so Olivia ran down to the toilet. Max was yelling so the teacher said shizuka ni shite kudasai as everyone else was going shhhhhh shhhhhhh. Everyone was walking around then the teacher said suwatte kudasai. Art was ready so the teacher said tatte kudasai so everyone stood up and went to art, when they went to art, the teacher said suwatte kudasai. Everyone one was looking outside she said mite kudasai the bell went so the teacher said sayonara.

Emme Nguyen

The Airport

One morning Yuji woke up in America on a bright sunny day. Yuji got up and looked at the time. It was 9:23. ARA!!!! Yuji shouted. I’m late for the airport. Yuji rushed to the airport as fast as she could. Luckily the airport wasn’t that far away. She just made it to her flight just on time. In the plane the flight attendant asked everyone su watte kudasai. We don’t want anyone getting hurt. So everyone went to their seats and did what they were told. Once everyone sat down the flight attendant said konnichiwa, my name is Abby and welcome to a flight to japan. Now everyone mi te kudasai at the video. After the video the pilot started speaking, now everyone ki i te kudasai and shi zu ka ni shi te kudasai while I talk. Please use the emergency exit and your life jacket only when needed or when I say you can. Now we are lifting for take off. The little boy in front asked his parents to i reni i tte mo ii de su ka. The little boys parents said when the symbol turns off. The next day the plane arrived at japan. Then the flight attendant came and said arigatou gozaimasu all for joining us to a flight to japan. We hope you enjoyed. Now Everyone tatte kudasai and exit the plane.

Angus Thomson


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