Digital Technologies: Equipping students for digital learning


This term in Years 5-7 students have completed their Digital Learning Unit in Digital Technologies classes. The core focus of this unit is to help students build foundational skills to confidently manage and use their school device and other technologies as effective learning tools.

Central areas of focus have included how to start using their school-provided OneDrive storage for saving school work, the care and maintenance of their school device, cyber safety and digital citizenship.

Students have enjoyed exploring concepts such as “the cloud”, online safety and how they can keep their device running well and ready to support their learning in all classes. It’s been great to see such enthusiasm, engagement and competence demonstrated by many of our students across the various classes.

As the Digital Learning Units draw to a close, students are looking forward to exploring aspects of computer science, coding and problem solving over the coming terms.

Brendan Vanderkley, Head of LITEhouse - ICT



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