Year 7's take Charge of Change



A focus at Year 7 is Sustainability, and how the actions we take can make a positive impact on the earth. 

Everyone knows about the “3 Rs” of Reduce, Re-use, Recycle, and the Year 7's are particularly keen to ensure that our wonderful natural world, our marine life, and our own community, becomes more sustainable.

 The “Recycle” theme is being championed by Year 7's as they take all paper waste from the classrooms each week, to the Visy Bins, so it can be recycled. 

Recycled paper is one of the most cost effective forms of recycling, as it can be made into other paper or cardboard products.  Paper that is thrown in the regular waste goes straight to land fill sites!

The Year 7s will learn more about how to create a more sustainable world as the year progresses.  Listening to them discuss the recycling programme at Christian College recently confirmed that we are in good hands! 

“If we get into the habit of recycling it is always easy”, said Katrina. Isabella agreed, adding “If everyone thought about the amount of trees that are used to make paper, they’d be more careful with how they use paper in the first place.”


Jackie Corless
English and Humanities Teacher


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