Prep Art

During Term 1 the Preps at Surf Coast Campus have been focusing on the different landscapes around them. We have mixed this topic with the technique of collage. The students created a powdered ink landscape of their school grounds, a “stained glass window” of a cityscape and for the final two weeks of term we will be focusing on beach landscapes. We are very lucky to have such beautiful beaches so close to the Surf Coast Campus, which the students frequently visit with friends and family, making it the perfect landscape to focus on.

Students have been using paint this week, exploring how to mix colours and investigating brush techniques that will demonstrate the different textures of the landscape such as the waves, sand and the shore break. We have also discussed the different things we might see at the beach.

The students have shown such enthusiasm in the art room, always willing to explore new concepts, use new materials and try new techniques. I have been very impressed with their introduction to art so far and look forward to continuing our creative journey next Term.


Bea Greenhalgh

Art, Technology & Design Teacher


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