Serving Others - A Junior School Priority

Leading up to Easter, Junior School students have been observed in the ways that they serve others in and around the College. Throughout the week they have been awarded 'Serve' tickets which they can then place in their House collection tins (situated in the Hallway next to Mr Thurman's office). 

Students could be awarded 'Serve' tickets through performing Acts of Kindess (eg picking up papers out in the school ground, not because anyone asked you to but because you’re doing your bit to keep our environment tidy, or helping someone without being asked to or simply being kind). 

Students have also been encouraged to ask their teacher if they can talk about or present an aspect of the Easter message to their class, in Devotion time, or discussing the events leading up to Easter, for example Jesus pleading with God in the garden and Jesus washing the disciples feet.

It was great to see a Prep student on tip toe carefully and proudly placing their tag in their house tin before giving it a shake to hear how many tickets it was holding. 

A little encouragement goes a long way!

Carla Dunlop

Deputy Head of Campus



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